Friday, 4 March 2011

Inside the Ring Box...

 Wooden Hexagonal Ring Box - vintage 
Cross Ring - Urban Outfitters
Studded Ring Collection - H&M
Pinkie Ring/Knuckle Ring -
Pink and Gold Ring - Topshop
Blue and Silver Ring - H&M
Gold  with gems set - H&M

Recently I have been wearing more rings than any other type of jewellery. I'm particularly loving these huge oversized stone rings (which I don't normally wear all at once!) Topshop and H&M have always been my go-to places for jewellery, and have some great pieces in at the moment. The only problems I find with H&M jewellery is how easily it tarnishes and the metal can cause those horrible green marks! You can fix this with rings by coating the inside with clear nail polish, just make sure you let it dry completely. 
Urban Outfitters also do a brilliant line of jewellery but it can be a bit more expensive. I get a lot of comments on the double finger cross ring some good and some curious but I know these style of rings are really popular at the moment.
I have a collection of both gold and silver jewellery but after always being a silver person I'm finding myself buying more gold pieces now. The pinky-peach stone surrounded by gold has to be my favourite at the moment, the shape is really different and I think the little crack shaped mark makes it unique and makes me like it even more!
My nail polish is Barry M's 'Navy' with a coat of ELF's Matte Top Coat over the top if anyone was curious.

I think I'll be in search of some interesting vintage rings this spring, strange jewellery is always a talking point and can make a simple outfit a bit more fancy. I've had my eye on some turquoise and silver oversized rings that LLYMLRS is selling in her shop, unfortunately she's all sold out at the minute because they are so popular!



  1. these photo's are beauuuutiful, i've literally spent all my wages on rings this month!xx

  2. I need to improve my collection of rings, you have so many nice ones. I'm currently craving this one at the moment... :)


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