Monday, 21 March 2011

In a Week...

A sunset view from my bedroom window, I love looking out of my window at night to see all the little houses with hundreds of tiny lights....
Pancakes galore at a DVD night in with friends, as you can see mine was a little 'crispy'. We watched Dinner For Schmucks which I've seen 3 times now but always makes me giggle....
Very flattering photo of me in Halo, Leeds on Thursday night - probably drinking a Jagerbomb...
Doughnuts! This was the day we dressed as Hanna Barbera characters (Bubbles, Powerpuff girl and Olive Oyl) and did the famous Otley Run in Leeds. 
...Waiting for the bus to start our pub crawl with the other powerpuff girls and Popeye of course!
The crawl of the fancy dressed, draws no attention - its apparently a regular sight in Headingly, and we managed to bump into a fair few other groups...

It's been one full week since my last post but I have been pretty busy. After a bit of a splurge in the shops on Wednesday (more of that to come) I decided a trip up to Leeds was in order to wear some of the new things I had bought and spent 3 nights with my partner in crime Alison who's probably quite used to having me around now.
I actually quite enjoy a long train journey on my own with my ipod so the hour trip up to Leeds from Manchester is perfect. I had no costume planned for the Otley Run on Saturday but thankfully a blonde power puff girl was needed so I stepped in!

I'm back home now and well into blog mode again so you can expect some updates soon.
Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and are ready for this week ahead!

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  1. I loved your pics!!
    Have a wonderful week!


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