Thursday, 3 March 2011

In a Week...


...a week or two...
Last week seemed so hectic compared with this one and I've only just found time to update. Last Tuesday was my staff Christmas party (we are a busy pub and cant find time during the real holidays for our staff do!) The 3rd picture shows three of my co workers enjoying a pleasant bike ride into work.... last year I seem to remember us larking around with an umbrella. We found this old bike just parked outside as if it was there especially for our amusement (and we had had a bit to drink by this point too.)

On Wednesday I visited a local photography studio to get some work experience under my belt, it was great - the owner was lovely and I've agreed to go back again soon, hopefully it will become a more regular thing as I'm actually finding it really useful in terms of learning how a business is run as well as studio photography techniques. I've just been messing around at home with the camera too, picture no. 2 was taken in my kitchen when the sunlight was creating some lovely shadows on the walls.

I also spent Wednesday evening on a train to Leeds to visit one of my best friends who goes to Uni there. That's us in the first picture on a night out. I stayed with her til Saturday and even sneaked into a lecture with her and learnt about mammals! (She studies Zoology) I love Leeds and I love the friends she's made up there too, if it wasn't for the all the lectures and exams I'd envy her lifestyle lots - she's my social butterfly so I go up there when I'm feeling lonely! 

Had a bit of an overhaul with my blog, was getting pretty bored but its still not exactly how I want it....what do you think? Hope your all well,


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