Friday, 18 February 2011

Urban Garden Shoot

Hey guys, on Wednesday morning I headed out with an old friend and incredible model Danny, to take some photos at this near by abandoned Garden Centre. (Don't worry we had permission!)

He brought a few clothes to change into and we were struck lucky as the weather was lovely!
All three of the shirts you see above are from All Saints, as are his boots - and we were going for that vibe too. His dog tags were an 18th birthday present myself and some other friends gave to him.

Although it wasn't exactly warm the sun was shining down for us and I got some fantastic shots. My favourite photo of the day has to be one where Danny is leaping out of an old rusty trolley that I wheeled around in the mud to get it into the perfect spot. A lot of climbing, balancing and tripping up occurred on Wednesday, but it was worth it to gain some lovely images.
We were only out a few hours but I managed to fill my memory card (I'd taken over 700 frames) and then spent the rest of the day editing and filing through them all. Of course, I could only select very few to go onto my website, and if you'd like to check the others out you can do so here: 




  1. great pictures !
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think


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