Friday, 10 December 2010

Yankee Candles - Christmas Scents

My order arrived this morning in this cute little brown box so I thought Id do a mini review or my 'first thoughts' on Yankee Candles. 

I decided some Christmas-sy scents were exactly what I needed to get me into the festive spirit and after seeing the millions of positive reviews on YouTube I thought I would give Yankee Candles a try. Following Fleur De Forces advise I used to place my order as they have loads of special offers and discounts available. 

I only purchased one small 'housewarmer' jar in the scent Happy Christmas and then 3 sample sizes. This was my first order with Yankee Candles and I prefer to start with a smaller but more varied selection so I can see which scents I would like to buy full size versions of. Plus the sample sizes are only £1.60 and have a burning time of 15 hours!!
The samples I chose are, Evening Air, Lavender and Ylang Ylang and Mulled Wine.

I havn't yet lit any of my samples but just from smelling the wax I am already in love with Evening Air! Its very fresh and sweet, perfume like but not overpowering. 
I bought Lavender and Ylang Ylang with the hope it would smell just like Tesco's Lavender and Ylang Ylang Bubble Bath which strangely is an all time favourite smell of mine. 
And of course, Mulled Wine to be lit on those Christmas Nights in. 
I have however tested my Happy Christmas housewarmer jar and its lovely. A rich berry scent which although does not really remind me of Christmas, is still perfect for this time of year.

Has anyone tried Yankee Candles before? They have so many scents available it was so hard to choose! Which are your favourites? I can see myself definitely buying more once I find my favourite.



  1. I was never a candle person but like a month ago a bought a chocolate candle and the smell was so awesome i want to buy some more :). A christmas candle seems like a good choice for this season.

  2. love yankee candles - i got some cookie scented one last time xxxx

  3. LOVE them! They smell divine but I haven't actually purchased one yet... My local store - that sells them - is really expensive even for the tiny ones. I was looking at some on Monday and the smallest ones were over 7 pounds! They had a sale once but it was a really stingy sale with like a pound or two off... rubbish!

    Those sample sizes sound an absolute bargain! I will definitely be looking out for them x x

  4. I love having Christmas scented candles burning gives a real Christmas feel to the house my favourite scent is clean cotton I brought the air freshers and put them in my wardrobe and my clothes smell so fresh xoxo

  5. fantastic candels!!!


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