Thursday, 23 December 2010

Unique and Unusual Jewellery

This jewellery website has been blogged about by many different bloggers on many an occasion but I just needed to throw my two cents in! is based in The Netherlands and they sell unique, high fashion, interesting and unusual jewellery. They ship worldwide and accept credit cards and PayPal (which is great for me, PayPal is so much easier) and I do not have a bad word to say about their products....yet!
Because its that time of year where money is a little sparse, I've decided I will place an order at Fashiononlogy in the New Year, which also gives me something to look forward too! So although I cant give them a sparkling review just yet (we'll see what their shipping is like) here are my favourite pieces and items I will be 'adding to cart'

As you can see the jewellery is of a specific style and not everyone will be as excited by it as I am. I love love love the pinkie rings and rings to wear higher up on your finger. If you follow my blog you know I am a big fan of ear cuffs and oversized crosses are a fave too.
Prices are a real mixed bag, ranging from just 10 Euro to 85 Euro.
Similar websites catering similar jewellery include

This company is based in the UK, although they do ship worldwide. The price ranges are fairly low, between £10 and £30. The boutique section of the website is slightly pricier, but made with more expensive materials (solid silver, gold, etc).
I love their cute and bizarre necklaces like the tooth one above and the rock, paper, scissors chain!
I'm much more into silver jewellery than gold but even I can't resist those little boxing gloves!
What do you think guys? I realise this stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like my jewellery to be interesting and stand out. I like people to ask me, "Where did you get that?!" because they've never seen one like it before! Right now, this style is also very fashionable and is a great way to add something to a simple outfit.
I will let you all know when I my order arrives and take lots of photos!

Does anyone else know of a website that sells similar products?


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