Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 in pictures


This year has just flown by! I remember bringing in the New Year of 2010 surrounded by people in a packed pub with music blaring and drinks spilling.... This New Year has been a rather quiet one but thats okay too :)
The pictures above remind me of the great times I has in 2010. I would definitely say 2010 was a successful and enjoyable year for me. My greatest achievement probably being receiving my A level grades and being overwhelmed with them. I worked really really hard for my exams, especially in 2010 and I felt as though they were deserved but I surprised myself at what I can achieve if I really want something. Being 18 during 2010 helped a lot and I think made my friend group closer. We were worried about starting University and growing apart but I think the opposite has taken effect. 

2011 is a bit of a shaky start for me to be honest. I've left University with only a part time job as a barmaid to keep me entertained and of course this leaves me open to lots of new opportunities, but also to quite a bit of let down and frustration. I'm excited to start my new course in September and plan to UP my photography game considerable before then, but in the mean time I am looking for a 2nd job or possible charity work/events. I think having a full diary is key to keeping happy. If things get to much I can always ease off, but if I never just go for something I'll be forever watching Gilmore Girl repeats in my pjs!
There are a lot of things to think about and I'm going to have to be really positive, grown up, self motivated and hard working in 2011......scary! I should use my gap year to my advantage. If hard work life isnt paying off then at least having fun and gaining memories will be achieved! 

I wish you all a happy 2011! A blog of my new years resolutions may soon follow... 
( but don't worry I'm not into all this exercise and healthy eating stuff, pff - haha)


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