Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Some more exciting news!

After what feels like a frantic rush to sort everything out and secure any future prospects is now feeling a lot calmer and controlled!
I met with the Photography leader today who looked at my work and fortunately seemed to like it, and offered me a place on the photography course! I will start a fresh next September and I am quite looking forward to it! He also showed me some of the students work (produced in the very 1st week) and it looks amazing so I'm a little worried. It has spurred me on even more to practice practice practice and learn lots of new techniques before I start. 
I now have a huge 9 months to fill with work, taking photos, more work, travels, taking more photos and even more work! And of course MUCH MORE BLOGGING! Right now I am lucky if I churn out 1 blog post a week, so I will be upping my game and trying to post at least 3 times a week.


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  1. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy


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