Wednesday, 17 November 2010

November Winter Warmers

Hi guys!

Thought I'd post some photos of recent buys.... 
Check out the knitted bobble hat! Its from H&M and it was only £4.99 if I remember correctly. 
The knitted jumper is from Primark for £11.

It's so cold outside lately I've taken to wearing my hat inside! 

Favourite things about November:
1. Bonfire Night!
2. The lead up to Christmas
3. Pulling on the woolies
4. Hot ribena
5. Great lighting for photos!
6. Staying in watching good films
7. The return of the mince pies
8. Christmas shopping
9. Family time
10. Appreciation for central heating! 

What do you guys enjoy most about November?

I am so excited for Christmas! 
A month ago I didn't even want to hear the word, it felt like 2 minutes since last Christmas!
But I'm now filled with Xmas spirit! I've already bought little gifts for my friends. 
Although I'm finding I buy for myself more than anyone else! 

And this year I am going to wait until I have all my Xmas presents, and spend  a whole evening listening to Christmassy music, and lighting my Christmas scent candles whilst I wrap them all! 

I've been ebaying away (not that thats new) and look what I received in the post....

This beautiful blue and black check blouse with bow tie to the front.
Originally from Topshop and never been worn, I paid only 99p 
- you can get a bargain on ebay!



  1. Love the bobble hat! Looks so cute on you :)

  2. love what your wearing huni x

  3. i love your jumper and shirt - both complete bargains! i can't wait for christmas, living in london this year and doing things like christmas shopping in covent garden is making me even more excited :D x

  4. Oh I would love to be in London at Christmas time!!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments

  5. i remember this shirt when it was in topshop! i loved it but never got it, great bargain! :) xo


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