Friday, 19 November 2010

Lauren Conrad Inspired Hair

Lauren's Twit Pic: "Higher the hair, closer to god... Tonight I'm feeling like a saint haha"

Hey everyone, I'm on my way out tonight just for a meal with the girls and needed my hair off my face! I remembered this photo of Lauren Conrad and loved how she had her hair! Of course, I'v toned it down quite a bit as I'm only popping down the road. 
All I did was pull everything up into a high ponytail, back comb the pony, hairspray, twist it around the base of the hair band making sure it was big and loose, and secured with grips. Then hair sprayed again. Also pulled some bits out around my face and made the pulled up hair looser.
And yes I'm aware my hair is now a nasty shade and needs re-dying. I'm thinking of doing a home kit and going a bit darker/asher blonde more like my natural shade. I've always had multi-tone hair like this, I've never had highlights but it is starting to look a little scruffy.
Hope you like!



  1. cute look, this makes me want to start wearing my hair up :) x

  2. Lovely blog, following. I've currently opened a blogshop selling Links of London and Alexander Mcqueen scarves to maybe take a look if you're interested.

  3. I love your hair like this; but ohhhhhhhmybabyjesus, laurens hair is MAHOOSIVE!

    I see you're wearing the ear cuff you spoke about in a previous post -- it's really cute. If only I had money...

    p.s. new follower

  4. I love Lauren Conrad so much. Have you read her style book? I thought it was very cool - full of great clothes and some good tips actually x


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