Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Is The Poncho Making A Comeback?!

Remember the knitted, holey, tassel adorned ponchos of the early millennium.
I'll be the first to admit I owned one. Me and my best friend had matching ones and thought we were the coolest kids at school when we were 11. (That would be if we didn't have to wear uniform of course. We'd be wearing our ponchos!) I have clear memories of New Look stocking a HUGE range and everyone from children to adults were buying the bloody things.

Even my mum bought one (a little to late on the trend) a hideous thick polo neck khaki green one. After that, ponchos were out.
They disappeared as quickly as they arrived.
So is it possible that the poncho could be making a comeback? Are we really ready for a round two so soon (relatively) after the first?
Well, don't fret - because ponchos have been given a overhaul. 

And they are disguised creatively under the code name... Capes!  

  These are just some I picked out on  of course, this autumn/winter would not be complete without the cape coat, but I didn't quite realise just how popular the whole cape shape was getting.
This time, ponchos are taking a new stance - the draping is more fluid and relaxed, the material more luxe and there is movement! Cape Coats are still in true coat form, tough wearable fabrics to last all this winter and next, and I am currently on the search for my own cape coat/jacket. I'm still undecided on whether I will be purchasing any roll neck knitted capes this winter.... but I have to admit, ponchos are getting stylish!

What do you think? Does this trend need to be buried forever or could you see yourself working the poncho once more?


  1. Aww i remember having a poncho in my tweens and thinking i was very fashion forward...maybe not lol.
    But i am in love with capes! x

  2. im obsessing over capes right now but not always that practical x

  3. Oooh yes, am absolutely loving capes at the moment! Have fallen in love with so many, it's ridiculous... must stop this obsession. x

  4. So nice and fashion, love them, thank you for sharing.Hold your dreamy dress type intriguing and functional.


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