Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Work Work Work!

Wow. This past week has been hectic! I apologise for my lack of posts, but I've been so busy with uni and I've had a huge pile of work to do and keep on top of. I thought I'd just let you guys know what I've been up to recently....

So above are phone images taken in my Pattern Cutting class, these photos will be used in our final presentation files to show our progress. The first item we made was a basic fitted skirt created on the tailors dummy and then lay it onto paper to create a pattern from it. Next we took the same pattern yet altered it to create a pleated skirt. The second item, a basic bodice top followed the same route and our alteration was to change the cut to a princess line bodice. 
The garments are only rough 'drafts' made from calico (canvas type material - which smells disgusting by the way) we used so so many pins (and lost many) but no sowing was involved.....that's next Monday!
I'm finding pattern cutting at this level accessible but as I'm not a very precise and calculated person, my mock up patterns tend to be the same. This is fine now, but when it comes to making real clothing I may not have so much luck. I'm more of a throw everything together and hope for the best kind of girl!

Friday's lesson, Uses of Design Research - Industry Practice, involve small projects where we actually make our own designs and learn how to market them. I've spent the past 5 days making a dress, label, swing ticket, paper bag and a t shirt version all to be handed in for marking this Friday! Eek! 
I will post images of the dress and other bits when they are all complete! This project is completely wearing me thin, not to mention making a small dint in my wallet. I'm not a dressmaker at any length! I'd choose a camera over a sowing machine any day! However saying that, for my first attempt I'm quite happy. Fingers crossed for me everything goes well on Friday.

Going to soak in the bath, phew!



  1. oh cant wait to see the finished article

  2. we do really similar courses, we do patterns first then make them up and then make alteratings if needed xo


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