Sunday, 24 October 2010

My new favourite boots!

I am a HUGE fan of comfortable, chunky, long lasting, fashionable and beautiful footwear. Especially boots. So as many of you may have previously read, I have been admiring the various wedges I've seen around lately and was interested in finding my own pair (or two). These are THE most comfiest heels I have ever spent a whole day in. I refer to them as heels as they are a decent 3.5 inches. Its the rubbery wedge that makes them so sturdy and manageable. Unless walking up steep hills, walking in these does not feel like walking in 3.5 inch heels. I can comfortably rest the heels and balls of my feet (alternately) across the sole without feeling wobbly. 
They are also a gorgeous chestnut brown colour perfect for the autumn, and go with all sorts. 
I will be wearing these until they are wearing me!

This second pair I picked up in the ASOS sale for somewhere under £15 and I wasn't expecting miracles from them but I thought they would make a nice alternative for going out in (somewhere warm as peep-toe is not really frost friendly) Again they are not too high and seem comfortable so far, rubbing a little around my toes but that can be broken in! I'm looking forward to wearing these on a night out and seeing how i cope!



  1. i actually really like the black ones even tho they arnt my usual style - great choice!

  2. those brown boots are soo gorgeous :D where are they from? Nice blog, btw :)!

    xx nik

  3. I really love both shoes, I want!! :)

  4. i want 1st one long shoes i am from Pakistan can i buy them?????


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