Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Exploring the Vintage Boutiques

After enduring a 3 hour long lecture this morning, I decided to do a spot of vintage/charity/2nd hand shopping or "thrifting" if you like, in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. Places photographed include:
  • Pop Boutique 
  • Junk
  • Blue Rinse
  • and a place I forget the name of...
These are the, ahem, more expensive vintage shops (and by that I mean they will charge £25 for a 2nd hand dress) which to me is not real bargain hunting. The 3 pound and under store on Oldham Road is not pretty (hence no photographs) but you can really get items for....well, £3 and under! Most of these boutiques are just nice to visit, look around and photograph. I ended up with 67 shots on my camera and had to restrain myself from uploading them all!
My task was to find 5 hideous garments for my styling class, in which we will then style, customize and photograph in such a way to create an appealing garment! I really did find some ugly shirts and a woolly jumper - which has potential. I will let you know how the project develops!
....I also took a trip to Fred Aldous for some fabric paint and spray mount (all will be revealed!)

Anyone know some great vintage/charity shops in the North West area? Have you found any fantastic bargains along the way? A friend recently got a gorgeous jumpsuit for only £6!


  1. Rings in a typewriter, what an awesome idea!

    I don't know whether it's in the North West, but I think there's a vintage warehouse somewhere in Manchester or possibly Birmingham which apparently is an absolute treasure trove!

  2. LOVE this post! Vintage shopping is amazing, its where i get all my favorite pieces from :)Your blog is stunning! I cant wait to see future posts and i am now following !

  3. love this post :) manchester is so good for vintage clothing. Don't suppose the last on is called 'Vintage'? its massive and just has isles and isles of clothes?


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