Sunday, 31 October 2010

Birthday Treats....

I photographed some of my lovely birthday presents that I was very very grateful to receive...

1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - a present from the boyfriend, been wanting it forever! Love the sweet but fresh scent.
2. Be Delicious by DKNY -  a present from my boyfriend's parents, also a lovely fresh (appley) scent.
3. The Cheap Date Guide to Style, Dysfashional, The Fashion Photography Course - presents from my brother and auntie, very highly desired fashion and photography books. To be treasured and looked after forever.
4. Fashion Illustration, The Echorium Sequence books 2+3, Retro Headphones - presents from my parents, I loved Song Quest and am happy to have the next two books to read.
5. New York and Washington DC Travel Guides - from my sister whom I will be visiting next year in America!

As you can see I enjoy flicking through a good book, photo books, info books and fiction. And I never buy my own perfume, I'm not sure why I probably wouldn't buy my own flowers either... but I have been dropping huge hints to my boyfriend for months about how much I love Daisy. Marc Jacobs have a new one out now, Lola, which I have tried but found it a little too old for me, its like Daisy's big sister! And funnily enough my big sister loves Lola! Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, I promise more fashion updates as soon as I have a spare moment, the weather has been so awful I've not been able to take my camera out and do a outfit shoot.

Oh and Happy Halloween! Hope you all have a terrifying night! I'm going for a meal with my family tonight and then off to see a concert.... I'm not ready for the weekend to end just yet!

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