Monday, 13 September 2010

Zara Goes Online!

Fantastic news! Not so great for my bank balance. I only had one problem with the Zara store in Manchester and that was that everything was a bit...all over the place, and at sale time shopping in there becomes a nightmare. So to have everything online, beautifully photographed and categorised for my gazing pleasure means no more hassle. The new fall/winter collection really caught my eye so I thought I'd share some of my favourite pieces....
Aviator/Flying Jackets are already HUGE and the trees are still green. I have been searching high and low for an inexpensive faux leather and faux fur one until stumbling across this one for only £39.99. I'm so very tempted to buy it right this minute but I might have to wait for my next pay packet. 
Another trend I'm loving is the lace ups with socks look, and a pair of knee high cream socks are next on my shopping list, so I can scrunch them down (into the Primark boots from my last blog)
The fur snood. A sure wardrobe staple I might have to invest in a lovely one for autumn.
Heavy knits fastened with anything but the buttons they come with. I'm talking belts, brooches, a piece of old string....
 Zara's Trench coat meets parka meets military. Love it. Great for rainy days, very festival chic.
The cotton trousers with plush waist look perfect on the model here but I have a feeling I couldn't get away with the quite so easily. Always pair with heels or wedged boots to compensate for their casualness. However, on me they may just look like pyjama pants. 
And finally I picked out a simple pair of brogues as I'm really getting into them, although go for the softer colours for a more romantic feminine touch.



  1. Ahh everything featured in the picture above is a WANT on my list! Cute blog x

  2. Thankyou! And I cant wait to build up my autumn wardrobe!


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