Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Life as a Fashion Student so far....

Hi Guys, 

Today was officially my 2nd day as a Fashion Student. Yesterday I travelled to Salford University to begin my course in Fashion (plus style and image making) and although it was nerve racking being in a room of 80 girls (and 4 boys) I had never met before, I feel very positive about starting the next three years.
My tutors are incredibly lovely people and have had experiences and opportunities I can only dream for! Hearing them talk about their pasts revealed how passionate they were for Fashion and how they lived and breathed it. Im excited to be surrounded by this positive atmosphere and exploring who I am and what I can do over the next 3 years. It may sound over dramatic to say I have only been there two days, but what a way to start!

I'm posting my outfit from today, khaki baggy shorts from Topshop with a plain white tee from ASOS tucked in. Black well worn tights, knee high socks squished down into brown lace ups. I got my hair out of my face as today involved much trekking around Manchester. I kept accessories minimal, a Links Of London bracelet, vintage style watch from Urban Outfitters, chunky black stone ring from H&M and a locket necklace from Primark.
I also had on a black waterfall style blazer which I hardly wore today as it was so warm! 

Our travels around Manchester led us to the Northen Quarter, a place full of vintage boutiques, charity shops, internet cafes, retro bars and tea rooms. I couldn't resist this tan leather belt from JUNK. For only £6! I have many tan/brown belts that only sit on my waist and I needed something a little longer for occasions such as today where this belt would have looked perfect.

I only wish I had taken my camera to post some of the things we saw, and I will definitely head back there soon to take some shots.
(And to eat in the cafes and vintage shop!)



  1. Your outfit is gorgeous, and I'm glad uni is going so well already. :)



  2. Good luck with uni, hopefully I'll be doing the same one day soon! xxx

  3. Great outfit!!! I love wearing tights under shorts too :) Always looks fabulous, and I really love your belt!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  4. Ah, exciting! You look lovely. Good luck with the course x


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