Thursday, 30 September 2010

Latest Purchases - Fresh From The High Street

After travelling an hour and a half on two trains and two buses, plus spending a small fortune, I sat in my lecture for a mere hour before being told that we were done for the day, 'you can go'. OK, so most would be thrilled with a one hour lecture and free rein for the rest of the day. I, was not. It was raining and cold and the prospect of travelling all the way home again did not excite me.  However, I didn't let this small annoyance ruin the rest of the day and decided to browse around the shops, seeing lots of things I wanted but couldn't afford, and spending money I didn't have. The vintage looking silk blouse is from Primark can you believe, and only £10. (Ideally I was after a pure silk one, of which the budget wont stretch to...) It has two draping pockets and comes with old fashioned pearl buttons all the way down the front and on the cuffs, and is quite oversized in fit. And the camel trousers are Zara, bought yesterday I thought I'd snap some shots. They are going to become my new perfect pant. The teeny skull bracelet and spike necklace are ASOS, although I might slide the skull on to a longer chain to wear around my neck too.



  1. Love that blouse, will have to hunt around in Primark for it! Bought trousers like that from New Look a while back, they are soo comfy and perfect for me at work with a white shirt, tanned weaved belt and brogues!

  2. Sounds lovely! And yes they are soooo comfy :) These will also be my travel trousers for long journeys!

  3. That shirt does NOT look like Primark! Gosh, I love it. I love the spike necklace, too. Great buys!



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