Thursday, 23 February 2017

Getting My Ears Pierced at Age 25

When I was little I desperately wanted to get my ears pierced like my friends at school. My parents agreed that for my 6th birthday I could have them done. Shortly before my birthday I underwent surgery for a congenital heart condition and the doctors advised me not to take part in any activity that could increase the likelihood of a blood infection. That meant, no piercings, no tattoos or other procedures that were seen as 'high risk' for infection. As a child I got over the idea of having my ears pierced and hardly thought about it at all. But when I turned 18 I decided I really wanted to get a tattoo. I was an adult, I did my research and I planned ahead. I even spoke to a doctor about it. But ultimately it was my decision to take the risk and I got my first tattoo. Since then I've been under the tattoo needle three more times and I even tried out a couple of piercings (helix and tragus) which were tricky to heal; I got fed up and got rid of those after a while.

I've always been sensible with looking after my tattoos and piercings during the healing stage. An infection is not great for anyone. At the age of 25 I was lusting after pretty ear jewellery and after binge watching all 10 seasons of Pretty Little Liars in a row (talk about earring inspiration) I really wanted to get my ears pierced so I could wear simple studs, delicate hoops or fancy stuff in my lobes. At the time I was already healing a tragus piercing - my second time giving this cartilage piercing a go - and things were going fairly well. I'd caught the bug and wanted to adorn my ears even further.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

My Valentine's Day | Part 2

After Valentine's Day Part 1 (read that post here) I look forward to nothing more than coming home to get into some comfy clothes, snuggle up and watch films and eat chocolate with Josh. So when New Look asked me what my ideal Valentine's Day was, I thought yep - pug pjs (and a new bit of underwear.) This lilac set is both beautiful and comfortable. It makes a refreshing change from the usual red and black combos we're bombarded with around Valentine's Day. I'm definitely going to be stocking up on these in every colour from New Look. It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship, single or seeing friends on the 14th, a new pair of pyjamas and a pretty lace bralet is just the best way to treat yourself.

My Valentine's Day | Part 1

Valentine's Day is not for everyone. But Valentine's Day has an extra special meaning for me; it's actually mine and Josh's anniversary too! We've been a couple since school and this year we are celebrating 10 whole years together. Ten! I'm not a big fan of going out and doing anything fancy on Valentine's Day. I prefer to stay at home and order in a takeaway (see Part 2 of My Valentine's Day) but what we may end up doing is going out to our local bar for cocktails. So when New Look asked what my ideal Valentine's Day outfit would look like, I opted for something pretty but casual. I love this embroidered skirt. I'm happy to see embroidery everywhere now. I'll be choosing my pieces wisely but this skirt is a firm favourite. Worn with tights and boots it's easy to go from day to night...
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