Monday, 30 October 2017

Makeup at Home with Blow ltd

I don't have my makeup done professionally very often so it's always a treat when I can book for a special occasion. Blow LTD got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to try their services. Blow LTD is an app you can download and book at-home hair, makeup and nail treatments with a stylist in your area. It's very very simple, the app isn't complex or difficult to use. You can choose a day and time to suit you and have the expert come out to your home, hotel or event.

Monday, 18 September 2017

What I'm Watching

*this blog post is sponsored

It's pouring with rain outside, we've had to put the heating on. All I want to do on a Friday night is stay at home in front of the TV and delve into all the lovely new Autumn dramas, try out Netflix originals and binge on box sets. It helps when you have a cracking high definition screen that's almost half the size of your living room (thank you Josh). Rather like the Panasonic 4K TV Range when your favourites are at super cinema-like quality why would you need to leave the house!?

What's keeping me entertained this coming Autumn...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Living Room Details

Our front living room was the first to be painted, furnished and styled. Josh and I spend the majority of our time in here, both together and individually. Watching Netflix at night with candles burning and the floor lamp glowing, or eating bacon butties on a Sunday morning watching the world go by outside. I think this room best describes our personalities and has touches of what is most important to us. I wanted to share some of my favourite corners on Hello Gwen today...

Above is the little wooden bowl brought from my parents house when I moved out, on a stack of mini photography books I bought during my student days. Below, our IKEA Strandmon armchair and cushion pops into the picture of our 'music corner' which includes a Crosley vinyl player, Josh's Les Paul and a few records stacked with 'arty' coffee table books I've collected over the years.