Thursday, 14 December 2017

Underwear for Party Season

If like me you'll have spent most of the year going out in 'jeans-and-a-nice-top' but now it's December, there are so many Christmas parties and New Year events planned you might feel like you should make a little more effort. You need to pull together different going-out outfits and it's vital you've got the right bra to do it in! Upbra kindly sent me a few of their items to review. I've heard a lot about this brand, mainly from American bloggers/YouTubers as Upbra is not readily available in the UK yet, but they do ship worldwide including (rather quickly I might add) to the UK.

I chose their classic t-shirt bra in nude and their strapless bra in black - I felt this way I was covering all bases and I'd be more than ready for whatever outfit I'm wearing. I was really surprised at how quickly these arrived at my door, boxed and packaged so beautifully. The Upbra was developed to give lift that's fully adjustable to you. Along the under wire are clever little straps that when pulled in opposite directions give your boobs a squish and cleavage appears! The Upbra is padded but not overly so as most of the boost comes from the 'ActiveLift' technology.


Friday, 24 November 2017

Do Happy Things Without Spending Money

We can all find happiness without spending money, right? Recently I've been feeling a bit down about my finances. It's probably the time of year - I love buying presents but my bank balance doesn't. Mixed with the idea of completing my looming tax return (hello, freelancers) I'm in need of cheering up. I also seem to be hyper aware of how the media (including bloggers and vloggers) only encourage the consumer. Everything we see and absorb revolves around spending money!

So in an attempt to make myself feel better and potentially help a few of you out there too, here's a long list of ideas of things to do that make me/you happy without spending a penny...

Monday, 30 October 2017

Makeup at Home with Blow ltd

I don't have my makeup done professionally very often so it's always a treat when I can book for a special occasion. Blow LTD got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to try their services. Blow LTD is an app you can download and book at-home hair, makeup and nail treatments with a stylist in your area. It's very very simple, the app isn't complex or difficult to use. You can choose a day and time to suit you and have the expert come out to your home, hotel or event.